Mission & Functions

The Western Australian State Emergency Service (SES) is a volunteer based division of the Department of Fire and Emergency Services Western Australia. It plays a key role in countering the effects of natural and man-made emergencies.

To assist the community to cope with natural or man-made emergencies.
  • To raise, train and equip a volunteer based emergency service.
  • To be the 'Hazard Management Agency' for flood, cyclone, storm, earthquake and tsunami.
  • To be a 'Combat Authority' for land search, cliff / cave rescue and civil defence.
  • To act in a support role to other hazard management agencies.
  • To support emergency management committees at State, Regional and Local level.
  • To act in support of the police in tasks acceptable to the volunteers but excluding those where it is likely that offenders will be present.
When a natural disaster strikes - a storm, cyclone, earthquake, or flood - State Emergency Service (SES) volunteers can be found assisting the communities and get them back to normal. SES provides a wide range of services to help cope with the effects of natural disasters - from emergency repairs on houses and building buildings, to restoration of essential services.

But responding to the effects of natural disasters is only part of SES' responsibility. Volunteers also carry out land search (which can involve tracker dogs and horse-back searchers) and cliff and cave rescues. Our trained volunteers may also assist in air search observation.

Mandurah SES volunteers work behind the scenes as radio or computer operators, in administration or incident control, planning and logistics. During prolonged incidents, SES volunteers can even provide catering services. Equally important is the safety education role of SES. Volunteers actively promote prevention and preparation measures in visits to service groups, senior centre's and homes, local business and schools.

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