SES Cadets: Educational Benefits

The educational benefit to students is immeasurable.
The elevating of self esteem is enhanced by the awarding of individual certificates in the five components of the cadet course:Senior First Aid
A comprehensive course that includes casualty management and handling, triage, along with the basics of first aid.

Basic Voice Procedures 
A course in emergency frequencies radio procedures and operations. Practical work in handling equipment, setting up field antennas, maintenance and correct radio etiquette.Driver Training 
A course with the ultimate objective to give students the skills, knowledge, and, above all, proper attitudes necessary for the efficient and safe operation of a motor vehicle. This course was requested by the police officer seconded to the Education Department to review and develop the Driver Training units now in schools.Map Reading and Navigation 
A course in compass and map reading proficiency, including practical activities such as orienteering, negotiating streets using directories and the knowledge of map languages.

Basic individual and mass rescue techniques e.g. well rescues, water rescues, search techniques, storm damage management & casualty welfare.

Skills taught in each of these units have proven to be invaluable transferable skills. Certificates achieved at the completion of each of the units have proved, in many cases, the factor that have won individuals jobs over other applicants that simply have an academic report in their portfolio.

The student who graduates top of each course also receives an individual trophy and has their name engraved on an honour board displayed in the foyer of the Mandurah SES Headquarters.

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